I was walking around in Target (by myself) the other day and was just going to get some groceries when an employee (named Abby) asked if I needed any help…. Well I thought “No I’m good” but I looked at the question as not just a greeting as most of us do, I looked at it as an opportunity let someone into my life. We shared a short conversation (I didn’t want her to get in trouble) and she told me that she used to write the word BREATHE on her wrist to remind herself that it’s not that bad all we have to do is slow down and enjoy the moment and all the gracious things in it we have to share with others.

Well this made me think. I took a rubberband and wrote the word BREATHE on it and put it on my right wrist. I now have a daily reminder to take time for myself. To Be in the moment and notice the Everyday Events. This inspired me to look on the internet and this is what I found….

I found this article from SIMON RAYBOULD. (http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/just-breathe.html)

He talks about a lecture by Dr Margaret Chesney of the UCSF Osher Centre for Integrative Medicine on confidence and happiness and how it effects our health.
In short…it’s based on the acronym BREATHE.

B – Be in the moment
R – Realistic goals – set ‘em
E – Everyday Events – notice ’em
A – Acts of kindness – do ’em
T – Turn around the negatives
H – Honour your strengths
E – End each day with gratitude

From everything I have been studying, I feel this sums it up in a very real and powerful acronym. I immediately went to http://www.wrist-band.com/ and ordered 200 silicone bracelets with just the simple but POWERFUL word on it. So if you are reading this post, and want one of these bracelets let me know. I would love to give you one! Just send me an email to nealson@gmail.com

Take Care and God Bless!


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