#Writingfor30 – “It’s always been inside of you, And now it’s time to let it through” Katy Perry, Firework

superman-BackgroundI’ve always been a fan of Superman. I can’t say that I really read the comics but I always found it fascinating that Clark Kent (Mild-mannered reporter for a great Metropolitan Newspaper) fights a never-ending battle for TRUTH. He goes about his daily life until Superman is needed.


From By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of lemonly March 2, 2012, http://www.searchquotes.com/

There are many in this world that are ignorant, and from this ignorance are full of hate, drama and negativity. If we choose to allow it, these people with these forces inside of them that are helping to bring them down, will be able to bring us down as well.

Never let someone rain on your parade just because things in their lives aren’t as they want them to be. Instead use the light inside of you, the positive force that is moving forward, to help brighten someones dark world.

Keep in mind that the best way to lead is by example. Keep a humble cool head in everything that you do. Be positive in your thoughts, modest in your words, and an example with your actions. Though there will be those around you, who may not receive what you are doing, and may mock you, or try to weaken your resolve, keep in mind your dreams, and where you are going in life, and never let anyone or anything stop you from going there.

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